Jaspr Trades - Case Study

Jaspr Trades - Case Study


Have you heard of Jaspr Trades? Chances are you haven't and that's because they launched this year and are still growing. The goal of this project was to create an explainer video that would encourage people to back Jaspr's Kickstarter campaign. I ended up making the mov, but I really was not satisfied with it at all. This is why I turned it into a case study.

Jaspr enables you to trade items for skills and thus save money, live more sustainably and make new friends. The goal of the app is to trade, whether it's skills for skills, items for items or an item for a skill. It's all possible.

By offering this service, Jaspr could have a great impact on society. On one side, they could tackle overconsumption and on the other side they could help the less fortunate (by getting them stuff they need, in exchange for something they really need. Barter trade shouldn't necessarily be a replacement for capitalism, but they can perfectly exist seperately at the same place and time.

The App

I spent about a week reading articles and getting into the flow of what eventually would be the app, Jaspr. I read the terms & services and even the privacy policy. This is when some questions popped up about safety and restrictions. Can you really trade any service you want and how do you guarantee Jaspr is safe? I gave the co-founder and CEO of Jaspr Trades, Noel Wigdor, a skype call and he gladly answered all my questions.

About the safety questions: I can assure you Jaspr wants to do the right thing. Although, from a legal point of view, they cannot prove it's safe (same situation as Tinder), they do have the best interest and wants to keep their users safe. (And for the curious ones; anything illegal is not allowed to trade).

After the interview, my vision of Jaspr even got clearer. It was time to start writing the text, start storyboarding storyboarding and to start making decisions about the design.

The Text

The text was already written long before the style decisions were made. I even got the chance to get some tips and tricks from an art director at StoryMe in Ghent for the text. He told me it was a solid text and that I made people dream about Jaspr.

Wouldn't it be great if you could finally get your hands on that one thing you've always desired in exchange for helping someone to acquire the skills you have? Meet Jaspr, the trading app.
Jaspr enables you to save money, to live more sustainably and even to make new friends! The best things in life can't be bought, but they sure can be traded. Support our campaign to get early access and become part of a vibrant community of traders!

The Style

After getting my hands on the brandbook and looking through all their assets. I decided not to deviate from their style too much. This is why I chose to go with line-art. Looking back now, I wish I would have deviated more, mostly with color use.

I looked for inspiration throughout the internet and found multiple styles of line-art animation videos. I felt that the style that connected best to their brand was line-art without patterns and with bold colours, so I decided to use their bold colours and start storyboarding.



Time to draw my ideas out on a piece of paper and match the frames to the text and now the real work began. Illustrating and animating.


Illustrations & Animations

Oh how dumb I was thinking I could do great character animation in this short time span. I was too ambitious with this project. The illustrating took way too long, because I couldn't find a style that fit and then I needed to create some realistic character animations in less than 1 week. Terrible. I wish I had went for another concept, but this is how it was and I couldn't change it anymore. I had to pursue.

Here are some illustrations I made for the video:

Jaspr Kitchen Jaspr Kitchen Jaspr Kitchen

I will put a link to my final explainer video here [password: jasprtrades], just because I feel like it should be here after explaining my process. Too bad that it didn't go the way I wanted it to go, but that's life and things go wrong. I still learned a lot while making this and I think that is what counts.